All about Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Materials and Colors

Modern Kitchen Cabinets are equally important as our countertop, hob, material etc. So it is essential to make the correct decision for our kitchen cabinets like its materials, colors, handles, etc.

So, firstly starting with its definition then modern kitchen cabinets is one which have sleek design and which are more angular with simplicity in its doors and frames.

All about Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Materials and Colors

Before selecting the cabinets for your kitchen consider a few of its important points that will help you to select the best one for your kitchen.

Firstly talking about its material then metal, plastic and glass are used and frosted glass is one of the popular looks for modern kitchen cabinets. You can use this frosted glass for your kitchen cabinets doors also as it is a simple and cost effective way to make your kitchen look more modern.

In the traditional kitchen cabinets only wood is used but in modern kitchen cabinets different materials can combine like wood, laminate, glass and metal for a more unique look.

All about Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Materials and Colors

Now talking about its color then deep white, grey, black, red, blue, fluorescent yellow, orange and green can be used in the modern kitchen design.

Now we will give your few important modern kitchen cabinets design ideas which are in trend these days.

Display cabinets

You can use this type of cabinets for your modern kitchen these are basically an open shelves in between other cabinets. This cabinet is used for keeping that items which decorate the kitchen. You can use it for keeping small planters, vases, antique showpieces etc. but do not over-staff it.

Fancy hardware cabinets

This type of cabinet has beautiful pulls and knobs which makes it trending. You can use this cabinet. It will give your modern kitchen a fancy look. This cabinet is available in flat black finish, copper plates finishes etc. 

All about Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Materials and Colors

Base kitchen cabinets

These base kitchen cabinets are useful in keeping the weighted item in it like heavy containers of grains and cereal.

Floating cabinets

This type of cabinet is useful for those who have transferable jobs. This floating cabinet is not permanent. So they can be shifted easily.

Glass door cabinets

Many people collect beautiful dishes and plates from all over the world and these glass door cabinets are best for keeping them and glass doors help these plates to protect from dirt. This cabinet has a transparent glass door.

All about Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Materials and Colors

Standalone cabinets

This type of cabinet is pocket friendly cabinets as they neither fit to the wall nor to the floor. It is known as a freestanding cabinet. You can also use these cabinets as countertops.

Foldable Triple-Tier cabinets

These types of cabinets are best for Indian houses where they have never enough space. These are foldable one so when required use it and when not required fold them and keep aside.

All about Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Materials and Colors

Cabinets with sliding doors

These types of cabinets are the most loved cabinets as it is easy in these cabinets to get things out. You just need to slide the door to get things out from the cabinets.

Wire steel Basket

Again this is also trending in one cabinet section. This cabinet is used to keep pans, tawas and other utensils. It can hold heavy weight also because it is made up of stainless steel. These are usually bottom cabinets.

So these are all about the modern kitchen cabinets and its materials and colors. This article will definitely help you in deciding the best one for your kitchen.

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