Popular Types of Modular Kitchen Layout Designs in India

Popular Types of Modular Kitchen Layout Designs in India
Popular Types of Modular Kitchen Layout Designs in India

    L - Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout Design

    L - Shaped modular kitchen layout is basically for small size and medium size kitchens because of shortage of space in the kitchen. 

    L - Shaped modular kitchen is made by adjoining the small countertop and one big countertop across the two walls which are perpendicular to each other and making L-Shaped look.

    This kitchen also consists of under-counter cabinets and overhead cabinets which provides more storage space.

    Due to its L - Shaped layout it frees the floor surface which is best and easy to move in the kitchen.

     You can also make changes in the layout as per your requirement, like if you think that sink area must be on a smaller countertop then it can be made as per your requirement.

    Again, this kitchen can be painted to give it a better look.


    U - Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout Design

    If your kitchen has a large space and you want to utilize it in an effective manner and you also want to give it a modern look then a U- shaped modular kitchen will best suit your kitchen. In this kitchen you will definitely get extra storage space.

    Basically, this U-Shaped modular kitchen consists of a countertop attached to the three walls of the kitchen and under the countertop there are cabinets and also overhead cabinets are provided which will satisfy your storage requirement.

    In this kitchen there is only one entry and exit point where you can come into the kitchen and make food.

    To give it the best look you can paint your kitchen with attractive colours. 


    Single Wall Kitchen Layout Design

    Single wall kitchen which is also known an I- shaped kitchen is suitable for those who have a narrow and limited space in their kitchen.

    This kitchen is made by one big countertop which is attached with one single wall and it looks like I-shape.

    In this kitchen you will be provided cabinets under the countertop and if you want more storage than overhead cabinets can also be constructed which will give you more storage space.

    Basically in the layout of this kitchen, the sink is placed between stove and refrigerator which is suitable and it is convenient but layout can be changed as per your requirement. 


    Modular Kitchen Island Layout Design

    Kitchen Island is a counter which is mostly placed in between the kitchen and it consists of cabinets for storage purposes. Kitchen Island can be placed in any type of kitchens like L-Shaped kitchen and U-Shaped kitchen etc.

    Kitchen Island counter can be used for any purpose. Few of the purpose are listed below:

    • You can use this Kitchen Island counter for food preparation.
    • You can place anything on it like a mixer, toaster etc.
    • This Kitchen Island counter can be used as a sitting area or dining area by placing chairs around this Island.
    • This Island Kitchen counter can be used as a sink area or cooking area.
    • It can also be used as multi-purpose like on one side eating area and on other side food preparation area by making a partition in between the two.


    Galley Kitchen Layout Design

    Galley kitchen consists of a parallel countertop in the kitchen and a walking area is between the parallel countertop. Further, this countertop also contains under counter cabinets and overhead cabinets for storage.

    This countertop contains the sink area, cooking area etc. which is required in the kitchen. This kitchen is small, which is why it is less expensive to make than the other kitchen layouts.


    G Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout Design

    The G shape modular kitchen is the same as the U shape modular kitchen but the only difference is that an island is attached on the one end of the U shaped kitchen and thus forming a G shape modular kitchen.

    This kitchen is suitable for big families.

    Due to more countertops available in this kitchen layout, three people can effectively cook food without distracting from one another's work.

    Again by one more counter more storage space is created which is best and useful.

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