Modern Kitchen Chimney Designs - Reviews

Kitchen Chimney is an electronic device which sucks out smoke, odor and oil from the kitchen.

Mostly homeowners prefer to have this chimney in their kitchen because of smoke which after cooking gets collected in the kitchen. So, in short Modern Kitchen Chimney is best to opt for every kitchen whether big kitchen or small one.

So, firstly we will describe the types of Modern Kitchen Chimney Designs available in the market and we will also explain which one will suit your kitchen.


    Types of Modern Kitchen Chimney Design

    Angular Modular Kitchen chimney design

    Angular Modular Kitchen chimney design
    Angular Modern Kitchen Chimney

    This type of modern kitchen chimney is best for those who live in apartments and who love contemporary decor. This chimney works with greater efficiency in allowing smoke to be expelled out from the kitchen.

    Pyramid Modern Kitchen chimney design

    Pyramid Modern Kitchen chimney design
    Pyramid Modern Kitchen Chimney

    This type of modern kitchen chimney is very popular and mostly opted by homeowners. If your kitchen is small then this one is perfect for your kitchen. As per the space of your kitchen you can decide the size of the chimney for your kitchen.

    Built- in Modern Kitchen chimney design

    Built- in Modern Kitchen chimney design
    Built-in Modern Kitchen Chimney

    This Built- in modern kitchen chimney is best for those who have a compact kitchen. Basically this is a space saving design which is a favorite of apartment owners because this type of chimney can be fitted into or under the cabinets.


    Wall­ – mounted Modern Kitchen chimney design

    Wall¬ – mounted Modern Kitchen chimney design
    Wall-mounted Modern Kitchen Chimney

    Next best modern kitchen chimney is wall- mounted. This is best in terms of space saving. As by its name it is clear that this chimney is attached to the wall. 

    These above are the types of modern kitchen chimney. You can choose any one from these which is suitable for your kitchen.


    Pros and Cons of modern kitchen chimney

    Now we will tell you its advantages and disadvantages of opting a chimney for your kitchen.

    Advantages of Modern Kitchen Chimney

    • So, the first advantage of having a chimney is obviously smoke free. As it will sucks smoke, oil from the kitchen. So, it is good for your health.
    • It is essential for a small kitchen where there is poor ventilation.
    • Now while thinking of having a chimney the thing that comes to mind is that it will use more wall space. So, in this case instead of a wall mounted chimney, you can opt for a built- in chimney.


    Disadvantages of Modern Kitchen Chimney

    • Firstly we know quality comes with price. If you want to have a high quality chimney which works best and is also from an established brand then definitely it will be pricey.
    • Unless the chimney is an auto clean model but it has to be cleaned twice a month which is a time consuming process.
    • Now we have given you various advantages and disadvantages of chimneys. Now, it will be easier for you to decide which one is best for your kitchen.

    So, this is all above the chimney.


    Point to remember before installing a kitchen.

    Size of the Modern Kitchen chimney

    Before choosing any chimney, first consider the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a compact size then avoid having a big chimney.

    Suction power of the Modern Kitchen chimney

    Suction power means the power of the chimney motor to suck all smoke and oil. For Indian kitchens, it is best to opt chimney design with high suction power.

    Filter type of the Modern Kitchen chimney

    Filters are basically divided into three types: cassette, baffle and carbon with the filter type we can estimate the effectiveness of chimneys. Baffle filters are best for Indian kitchens.


    What is the price of a modern kitchen chimney in india?

    Talking about the price of a kitchen chimney then they are ranging from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 30,000.


    How much electricity does a Modern Kitchen chimney consume?

    Modern Kitchen Chimney consumes electricity between 120 to 200 Watts while running.


    So, these are all about the Modern Kitchen Chimney Designs. These are all the important things that one should know before buying the best one for your kitchen.

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