Kitchen Direction As per Vastu | Kitchen Vastu Direction Tips

Kitchen is the most important place in the home. Here you cook food for your loved ones by taking care of their health and well being.

So, your kitchen and every item of your kitchen must be placed in the direction as per Vastu which will boost success and prosperity. So, this will be done by making your kitchen a vastu compliant.

According to vastu shastra the lord agani (fire) prevails in the south-east direction. So the kitchen should be located in the south-east direction. The second best option is the north-west part of your home.

Kitchen Colour & Facing | Kitchen Items Vastu Direction Tips

Vastu shastra is an ancient science of architecture that works on some principle which can be used to transfer negative energy into positive vibes. This will help in bringing success, peace and prosperity in your family members.

Various things are there in this vastu kitchen which should be kept in mind before making a kitchen or remodeling it. Like your kitchen should not be placed under or above the pooja room, toilet or bed room.

So, now we will discuss the kitchen direction tips as per vastu for various kitchen items which you should recognize before making a kitchen or remodeling it.

Kitchen Items Direction as per Vastu: Tips 

1. Entry Door - vastu direction in Kitchen

Firstly we will talk about the entry door of the kitchen. It should be in the east, north or west direction and the door should not be in any corners.


2. Gas Cylinder direction in Kitchen as per Vastu

Gas cylinders should be placed in the south-east. The cylinder which is empty should be kept in the south-west.


3. Dining Table location in Kitchen as per Vastu

Dining table should not be placed in the center of the kitchen. It should be placed in the north-west corner of the room.


4. Sink direction in Kitchen as per Vastu

The sink must be placed far away from the cooking range because fire and water repel each other. So, it is best to place a sink in the north-east.


5. Refrigerator location in Kitchen as per Vastu

Refrigerator should be in the south-east, south, west or north direction. It should not be in the north-east direction.

Any electric equipment in your kitchen like oven, heaters etc. should be in the south-east or south side of the kitchen. It should not be in the north-east.


6. Storage Racks direction in Kitchen as per Vastu

The storage racks in your kitchen should be on the southern or western wall.


7. Color of your Kitchen as per Vastu

The color scheme which you choose for your kitchen should be rose, orange, yellow, chocolate or red. It should not be black.

There should be one or two windows in the east direction. The Exhaust fan should be in the east.



According to vastu shastra, Kitchen and every item in kitchen must be in facing as per vastu direction, where no negative energy is created and prosperity & success comes from every direction. We hope you definitly like our Kitchen Vastu Direction Tips.

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