Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit | Tall Pantry Unit Ideas

The one who cooks in the kitchen knows the problem faced in the kitchen. Usually one problem is faced that is storage.

Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit  Tall Pantry Unit Ideas

Utensils can be stored in cabinets but for food items like salt, beverages etc. space always reduces for the food ingredients and then we mostly place them in the countertop which leads to shortage of space and even spilling of ingredients on the countertop.

So, it is better to have a Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit in the kitchen. This Tall pantry unit is designed in such a way that your cooking implements, food ingredients can be stored in it without any much problem.

These modular kitchen pantry units are extremely functional. It gives much storage space for cooking related items and while cooking things are found easily and conveniently.

Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit  Tall Pantry Unit Ideas

By having this tall pantry unit in the kitchen your kitchen will look stylish, luxury, modern and classy.

Definitely with this pantry unit confusion that is generally created while cooking will be reduced as all the ingredient things are placed at one place and in an organized way so you can easily approach them while cooking.

One more benefit you will get is that the countertop will also be free, after you place things in pantry cabinets. So you will get more space for work and you can even place important appliance items there like juicer etc.

Now there is an issue for those who have a compact kitchen, so they can also install a tall pantry unit in any utility room as it is not necessary to have it only in the kitchen.

We will describe to you the types of pantry units/cabinets that are available in the market. From these you can choose any one depending upon your choice and requirement.

Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit  Tall Pantry Unit Ideas

Wooden kitchen pantry unit

Wooden kitchen pantry units are tall in size and are freestanding with open shelves that provides your maximum storage space to store your spices, dry food, item, biscuit etc.

The best part of this pantry unit is that items are in place in the back and can be easily accessed because shelves are not too deep inside. So, it is the best option to choose.

Walk - in modular kitchen pantry units

As by its name it is clear that this pantry is big enough to walk into. This pantry can be located within the kitchen or outside the kitchen in any convenient area of home and it is also recommended to add task lighting to this pantry, as it will be easy for you to easily find what you are looking for.

Modular Kitchen Pantry Unit  Tall Pantry Unit Ideas

Built- in tall pantry unit

This built-in pantry is a full height cabinet which is designed as part of the entire kitchen and also has features of additional storage. In this design of pantry you can get a single or double door as per you want. It has shelves; roll out drawers, the pantry can be fully customizable as per the need of storing dry food, tableware or glassware.

Freestanding pantry unit

This pantry is a bed to add more storage in the kitchen without having a built -in cabinet or a separate room. It is ideal in a kitchen with some empty wall space. This pantry is movable that means if you shift or you want to place this in some other place then it can be shifted.

Slide-out pantry unit

It is also the best solution for those who have less storage space and it can be easily added to existing kitchens. This pantry has adjustable shelves, baskets. So, you can adjust it as per size of your bottles and boxes.


So this is all about Modular Kitchen Pantry Units and Tall Pantry Units. We try to cover all the important things about the pantry unit in this article. All these points described in the article will help you to select the best one for your kitchen.

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