Small PVC Modular Kitchen Designs - Review

PVC by words may bring a thought in the mind of PVC pipes but this PVC is not only for pipes but it is used for many other purposes.

Traditionally PVC is used in construction, healthcare, automobiles etc. But recently it is used for a new purpose that is in a PVC Modular Kitchen.

PVC is being used in the kitchen for making cabinets.

PVC comes in two kinds: the first is hollow board and the second is foam. The difference between these two is the hollow board by its name suggests it is hollow from inside; it is lightweight and is also economical. The second one that is formed is thicker.

Small PVC Modular Kitchen Designs - Review

From the above two described PVC, we suggested you to install foam board rather than hollow board because foam board is heat and fire resistant. It is also corrosion resistant.

One thing about this PVC which should be kept in mind, that the hollow board can be fixed easily because it is lightweight but the foam board must be fitted by experts because if it is not fitted properly then it can damage cabinets.

Now, we will describe you the features of PVC Modular Kitchen which will help you in deciding that is PVC is good for your kitchen;


Features of PVC Modular Kitchen

  • The first feature of PVC is that it is heat resistant which we think is best for the kitchen.
  • This PVC is also termite resistant.
  • It can be installed quickly.
  • PVC provides the best feature for you that it is easy to clean and to maintain.
  • PVC is moisture resistant.
  • It is available in an array of colors. And it doesn’t require finishes.
  • PVC is less expensive as compared to other materials for modular kitchens.
  • It is best for rental homes. 

After describing its features we also like to tell you its cons also which will help you in taking the correct decision.

In hollow boards many insects and pests occupy which can make it unhygienic.

It can discolor after using it for years.

Small PVC Modular Kitchen Designs - Review

This PVC can be fitted in any kitchen layout. It can be fitted in L-shape, U-shape, G-shaped kitchen layout.

PVC will look better in your kitchen.

PVC which is available in many colors makes your kitchen look beautiful and you don't need to think about laminate or add any color to it.

We have totally described its pros and cons in this article about PVC Modular Kitchen. Now you can choose it for you as per your usage and budget.

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